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Bears, Bears and More Bears!

Today we walked up to St Michael’s and All Angels Church to see all the teddy bears that they had in there.  Reverend Stan told us the stories behind some of the displays and asked us if we could find his bear which was hiding somewhere in the Church.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find it but we did have a lovely time looking at the different types of bears…

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Another Busy Week!

This week we read the book ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today.’   The story goes that everyone carries around with them an invisible bucket which can be filled by others when they either say kind things to you or do kind things for you.  Furthermore when you are kind to others you fill your own bucket up too.  However if you are unkind to others then you are ‘bucket dipping’ which empties the  buckets and makes everyone sad.  Throughout the week we have been showing kindness to each other and being helpful and we have been so good at it that we have filled our metal bucket and earned ourselves a treat which we had Friday afternoon.

We have also been painting with our favourite colours to create a display in the classroom and it would be great if you could come in on Monday after school to see it.  However that’s not all we’ve been up to as the following pictures show…

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Settling In

The children have now finished their first full week at Mab’s Cross and what a busy week it has been!  They are all settling in really well and enjoying working both in the classroom and outdoors. It is going to be a great year!

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Welcome to Group 3’s Blog!

Welcome to our blog.  I hope you will enjoy following us throughout the year and seeing all the exciting things that we get up to.  Please feel free to send us your comments as we love to read them.

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